Mahalia Cassidy

Mahalia Cassidy
Mahalia epitomises the word “tough”.
After showing Firebirds fans her potential across six eye-catching appearances in 2016 – the star midcourter was aiming to make the centre bib her own in 2017 with the departure of Kim Ravallion to Collingwood, only to suffer a devastating pre-season injury.
Mahalia tore the ACL in her knee and was ruled out for the entire 2017 season.
Surgery and a long rehab process followed, culminating in her long awaited full debut season in the purple in 2018.
2019 brought another injury for Mahalia, with an ACL tear in her other knee which ruled her out for most of the season but she is back in training and we're all looking forward to her return on-court in 2020... stay tuned!